About Us

Newell and Associates High Impact Volunteer Ministry was founded in 1992 by Al and Wendy Newell.

God called us at that time to start a consulting ministry that would walk alongside Christian Leaders as they develop deep-rooted, highly effective (high Impact) volunteer ministries to the worldwide body of Christ.

Clearly at the heart of Newell and Associates is the thirty four year partnership in marriage, family and ministry that Wendy and I share. The unique blend of skill sets and the Spirit-led complement seems obviously ordained by God. Far beyond what two sinners could have conceived, God has blended Wendy’s leadership and worship gifts and my teaching and leadership gifts to form Newell and Associates to accomplish a purpose that seems deeply rooted in God’s heart. Our ministry together has extended deeply into our family, as our children and their spouses have made enormous contributions consistent with their giftedness to multiply the effectiveness of this ministry.

High Impact content resulted from years of experience starting and developing volunteer ministries and an ardent study of Scripture. I received some very good volunteer management training through Youth for Christ. I knew multiplying ourselves through volunteers was eminently practical, but I could not practice or promote any strategy that was not prescribed and or supported by the word of God. So I sought the Scriptures. As a young leader, what I found blew me away. What I discovered was that multiplying ourselves through volunteers and partnering with volunteers was at the very core of what God hopes leaders will do and that volunteering or serving at its core is the very heart of discipleship.

Based on my experience and study of the Bible, I developed High Impact content as director of Compassion’s National Volunteer Network to train our regional managers and leader volunteers. In 1992 God supernaturally called Wendy and I to leave Compassion, by faith to start this ministry. I Thessalonians 5:24 says, Faithful is He who calls you and He will bring it to pass (nasb). God is amazing and faithful beyond belief! He has sustained us for almost two decades and we are humbled that have the privilege to serve the body of Christ.

God continues to illuminate our understanding of His word in regards to leadership, volunteers and serving. The more I study, the more I’m blown away. Our twelve years of starting and developing volunteer ministries has turned into over thirty years of volunteer ministry development that has included 22 years of consulting with world-wide Christian organizations and large and local churches. Our team today includes: Becky Coleman and Jamie Rademacher. Our team includes a powerful prayer team comprised of Christian leaders and followers of Jesus. They are so much the heart, soul and furnace of ministry activity. To a person our team is passionate about Jesus and the Word of God and we love seeing leaders multiply themselves to advance the gospel of Jesus Christ.

A strong theological biblical foundation wedded with 33 years of practical experience gives our ministry a unique platform for the body of Christ. Today High Impact training has been taught on six continents. We have trained leaders from over 100 countries. We give all thanks and glory to God that He would choose broken sinners like us to serve His body in any way. We love partnering with you, the body of Christ to advance the gospel and bring glory to Jesus Christ.